sisal soap saver bag and natural soap pieces

Sisal + Scraps

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Sisal is a sustainably grown flowering plant whose stiff fibers are used to make rope, rugs, or in this case soap saver bags!  Reusable soap saver bags are a great way to prolong the life of those smaller pieces of soap that all too frequently end up broken and down the drain.  Similar to my Ends Etc. 'grab bag' type offering, you have the option of choosing the scent profile of your included scraps - Earthy, Fruity, Flowery, or a Surprise - around which I will choose at least 4 ounces of complimenting pieces to use in your sisal pouch.  Check the back of your 'Sisal + Scraps' label for a handwritten listing of the included varieties.

To use: stuff the sisal pouch with the provided soap pieces (one at a time or all together), wet the pouch, and gently scrub either in your hands or directly on your body for added exfoliation.  Hang the soap-filled pouch to dry after each use.  Once the pouch is empty, rinse thoroughly and repeat!

The soap scraps, like all VF-produced products, were handmade in small batches with high quality, natural ingredients.  For more information on individual products, refer to individual product pages or email inquiries to