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I formulated recipes with all skin types - including yours - in mind.
Not sure which bar is right for you?  Send me an email (link below) for a personal recommendation! 

Before becoming a soap maker I was unaware of what soap really is and more importantly what it can be.  Now more than ever I believe in the power of what nature gives us.  The difference in my skin since using all natural soap is amazing- my skin is clearer and less dry and itchy.

Veda Francis ingredients are wholesome and pronounceable.  They are vegan with the exception of the beeswax and honey used in some offerings.  They are either food or therapeutic grade, and organic where the cost makes sense and doesn't drive prices too high.  Products are scented with quality, pure essential oils and colored with plant or mineral derived powders and clays.

But what about the sodium hydroxide?  Yes- lye is a man made caustic base that is a necessary ingredient for the chemical reaction that produces bar soap.  Follow the 'Bonus' link in the main menu to learn more about that :)

Similarly, potassium hydroxide (potash) is lye's counterpart when making liquid soap.  I use potassium hydroxide along with sodium hydroxide in my shave bars to produce a unique shaving soap consistency. 

A note about palm oil: After careful consideration I decided to include RSPO certified sustainably produced palm oil in some of my bars in order to support the farmers that voluntarily respect and abide by the environmental and labor practice guidelines set forth by the RSPO.  Read the article from Lovely Greens that convinced me here.  However, I do still offer plenty of palm-free options.

All bars are cured for 4-6 weeks (depending on ingredients) to make for a hard, long lasting bar.  Be sure to use a draining soap dish or dry your bar in some other fashion between washings to prolong its life.