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Hi!  I'm Kari, the owner and maker behind Veda Francis, your stop for high-quality, all-natural soap and skincare products.  I'm a former analyst and MBA who decided to leave the workforce when my babies were born.  I spent the next ten years trying to find a path that both got me excited and worked for my family.  Soap making was an unexpected but happy discovery.  Blending science with creativity, I was hooked after my first batch.

Veda Francis... what's in a name?  In this case so much!  Veda (pronounced vay-duh) is an acronym for my kids' first names and my husband's last, representing the family that he shared with me and the one we created together.  Francis was the middle name of both of my grandfathers, honoring both sides of my family and the union of my parents.

All Veda Francis products are handcrafted in small batches in my Kittery, Maine kitchen.  Doing my part to preserve our Earth is important to me, so VF packaging is eco-friendly, practices are of course cruelty free, and ingredients are sustainably sourced.  VF products are effective, all-natural, beautiful, and kind to our Earth - a little something for you and your skin to feel good about.

So welcome to Veda Francis!  Please look around and as always feel free to email me at info@vedafrancis.com with any questions or comments.  I'd love to hear from you!

 -- Kari